Join Left/Right - The Dating App for People Looking to Escape Their Political Echo Chambers

Are you tired of living in a political echo chamber? Do you feel beleaguered by
the fact that you can’t relate to 50% of the population? You don’t know a
single person who voted for “the other candidate?”

Look no further! Left/Right, the only dating app that pairs left wingers with
right wingers, is here!

Left/Right is built on a simple principle guided by centuries of deep
philosophical research. Storied gay activist and Beatles ghostwriter Albus
Dumbledore put it best: “All you need is love… making.”

Left/Right’s state of the art matching algorithm matches you with a partner who
is exactly opposed to you on every issue. Pro-Choice? Here’s a hot piece of
Pro-Life ass you just can’t say no to. Think the second amendment should be
abolished? Well, this guy you just matched with has 14 shotguns - and only 13
of them can kill (the last one is his penis).

Now, you may be concerned that being paired with someone from the other side
may increase risk of harm, death threats, or even violence. Our data suggests
otherwise. Only 7% of the conversations on Left/Right ended in reported1
threats of violence. That’s significantly lower than that of Tinder (14%),
Bumble (11%), and (58%)!

In fact, conversations on Left/Right are so electrifying, they last longer and
often go further than more “traditional” dating apps. The dialogue is so
engaging that the rate of ghosting is near zero as you try to prove your moral
and intellectual superiority. In 86% of cases - and you’ll love this - this
ends in passionate, angry sex, which we all know is the best kind. More than
85,000 couples have been matched on the platform.

Success Stories:

Martha, a 26 year old MAGA true believer, had this to say:

“After the tariffs that were totally orchestrated by the Chinese destroyed my
soybean farm, I needed someone to blame. I hopped on Left/Right, and within 44
seconds I was in a chatroom with Brad, a die-hard liberal raised on a marijuana
farm in Colorado. We argued for 14 straight hours that day, then met up later
for some excellent foreplay (I’m saving myself for marriage, thank you very
much). We’ve been dating for six months. I’ve never been happier.”

Alex, a 23 year old Antifa member, provided these thoughts:

“I’ve found three partners on Left/Right, all of whom I personally tear gassed
at the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville. I can say is… who could
have guessed that Nazi girls kept it so tight? Shout out to my Tomi Lahren
lookin’ babes.”

Shayla, 25, a down the line “moderate”, shared her feelings:

“I used to think that finding love in today’s world would be impossible if I
didn’t have strong political feelings - I mean, just look at what happened to
Taylor Swift! But with Left/Right, I’m paired with people who are just as
apathetic about politics as I am. I met my current boyfriend on the app, and
we’re a perfect match. We spend our weekends avoiding society, staring at blank
walls, and yelling at the neighbors cat.”